Keynote speaker – Karen Armstrong

Dynamic and uplifting keynote presentations

Karen Armstrong’s presentations are dynamic and uplifting. They include powerful demonstrations and ‘hands-on’ audience participation.

Meeting planners and event organisers

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This unique practical format guarantees audiences will be entertained, informed and inspired!

You got everyone participating and we had a great response from delegates. You were very tuned in to the audience, and clearly knew what you were talking about.

Karen, your dinner presentation with Tim was amazing! Your style of presenting was highly professional, informative and engaging. You were very tuned into the audience, and clearly knew what you were talking about. Feedback included: ‘my highlight was Karen Armstrong’ and ‘I was impressed with the inclusion, from left field, of a presentation on self-defence. This is extremely important for all women, and increased knowledge leads to an increase in overall confidence.
Trish Curtis

Conference Organiser, Connecting Rural Business Women 2014

Keynote topics

Dealing Professionally with Aggressive Behaviour

One-hour presentation or two-hour workshop covering the following key elements:

  • Prevention through customer service
  • Professionalism, confidence and defusing skills
  • Legal guidelines and WHS protocols

Workplace violence is costly in both financial and human terms. Karen’s Safety Strategies method has resulted in substantial savings for many organisations in workers compensation claims. This session is designed for frontline staff who are dealing with threat, intimidation and abuse.

Freedom From Fear

One-hour presentation covering the following key elements:

  • Three simple techniques that could save your life
  • Built for survival – harness your deepest power
  • Your personal plan – practical strategies to protect yourself.

The serious and sometimes fatal assaults we hear about through the media create feelings of fear and powerlessness. There is an immediate need for safe, legal, strategies to prevent assault. This presentation combines ground breaking research with practical techniques that show you how to feel safe everywhere you go in life.

Decoding the Predatory Mind

One-hour presentation covering the following key elements:

  • Five steps to create a safe, harmonious workplace
  • Identify the warning signs to act early for prevention
  • Positive body language – how attackers choose their victims.

Managers are shown skills to create conflict-resilient workplaces with proven strategies for early intervention and appropriate responses for all forms of conflict, including harassment and bullying.

Related topics are available on request, as Karen can present custom-designed material to fulfil any specialised brief. One-day workshops and two-day workshops are also available.

NOTE:  A pre-presentation consultation is included in the fee to enable Karen to tailor the material precisely to your audience and requirements.