Case study – Safety Strategies for local government

Karen Armstrong’s Safety Strategies has been training council personnel for over 20 years in ‘Dealing Professionally with Aggressive Behaviour’, with outstanding results in confidence and assault prevention.

Our clients

  • Brisbane City Council
  • City of Canterbury Bankstown
  • Cumberland Council
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Hills Shire Council
  • Hornsby Council 
  • Ku-rin-gai CouncilMosman Council
  • North Sydney Council
  • Parramatta City Council
  • Parks Conservation & Lands

Risk profile

Front line staff and managers are dealing with abusive and sometimes threatening behaviour. Safety Strategies training provides the skills to prevent and defuse aggression in challenging situations, such as:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Drug/alcohol affected people
  • Mentally unstable people
  • Unpredictable attack
  • Spitting
  • Intimidation and stalking
  • Multiple aggressors
  • Objects thrown
  • Threat with a weapon
  • Working alone
  • At night, early mornings
  • Being in uniform
  • Road rage
  • Non-compliance – e.g.: issuing infringements, stop work notices
  • High risk areas – e.g.: licensed premises, building sites, isolated areas, confined spaces

Our solution — practical, effective workshops

Safety Strategies training incorporates realistic location scenarios based on specific workplace examples. Through this, staff can absorb, retain  and apply the skills immediately on the job.

Prevent - avoid - defuse - defend

  • Asset management
  • Building maintenance
  • Cemeteries
  • City parking
  • Customer service
  • Environmental health
  • Fraud prevention
  • Library services
  • Local law
  • Waste management services
  • Animal management services
  • City cleaning
  • Construction
  • Development and compliance
  • Facilities management
  • Implementation and assessment
  • Parks and recreation
  • images-casestudy-local-govt-2The results

    The Council of the City of Sydney City invited Safety Strategies to conduct over 40 workshops since 2009 for personnel from a range of business units.

    The complete library team has been trained with customised skills for its specific risk environments. The whole cleansing and waste team was also trained with special emphasis on night staff who work in locations where there is a risk of alcohol-fuelled street violence.

    One participant stated that the training would have enabled her to prevent an assault where an aggressive person grabbed her and pushed her off a property that had a ‘stop work’ notice on it.

    We need this training – it gives us confidence out in the field, and the skills to prevent violence and protect ourselves …
    we are no longer an easy target.
    ~ Cleaner, City of Sydney
    One of the best courses I have ever done. Subject matter TOTALLY relevant to work environment.
    ~ Planning Officer
    Excellent techniques learnt to take back to the workplace and use where needed. Will be great benefit for my work.
    ~ Parking Officer


    Gold Coast City Council engaged Safety Strategies to conduct 38 workshops for a total of 385 personnel from many divisions.

    Training design focused on:

    • Identifying risks of aggression in the workplace
    • Employing de-escalation techniques
    • Completing follow-up activities, including reporting and post incident
      support services.


    North Sydney Council engaged

    Safety Strategies to run ongoing training for rangers, parking service officers, customer service personnel, planning staff and environmental health officers.

    Training is custom-designed every year to meet the specific needs of each division, and regular refreshers are conducted to keep skills updated.

    In over 30 workshops, 99% of participants rated the training program as Excellent / Very Good

    These skills give me confidence and help me to be calmly assertive and professional.
    ~ Ranger, North Sydney Council

    Parks Conservation and Lands Parks Conservation and Lands have organised workshops for rangers, parking officers, environment protection and maintenance personnel since December 2009, and training is ongoing.

    100% of participants rated the training program as Excellent / Very Good

    All participants reported that the training was effective in providing strategies for preventing violence and for instilling confidence when dealing with threatening situations.