Happy Chinese New Year

Commencing on February 10th 2013, the year of the water snake signifies qualities of rationality and logic, as well as intuition and a ‘sixth sense’. The Snake is reputed to have the ability to read complicated situations quickly in a controlled manner. This quality is very useful in preventing and defusing aggressive behaviour.

Service = Harmony

Organisations and people who offer high levels of customer service are able to keep aggressive incidents to an absolute minimum. Effective training teaches staff how to listen carefully so they can identify the underlying needs and move promptly towards a solution. When angry people feel they are being heard, they often start to calm down.

Active listening means fully paying attention, thus conveying the message that you really care about their concerns. This validation means there is no need to argue. Empathy is another key factor in preventing and resolving conflict. Showing the ability to fully comprehend the other person, empathy is conveyed mainly through our tone and facial expression. As soon angry people feel that you are on their side, there is nothing left for them to fight against, and their anger will often subside. Safety Strategies training motivates participants to increase customer service levels as a key factor in preventing workplace violence.

I was most impressed with the pre-workshop detail and research, the actual presentation and the participants’ obvious interest. The managers are also pleased to be given a report on their nominated staff’s training. Thank you for your professionalism. Jenny’s* Supervisor was thrilled that you specifically targeted her issues and demonstrated with her equipment and the multiple aggressors scenario. (*Name changed) — Parks and City Services, ACT

Professional image

Increased professionalism is a key learning outcome from Safety Strategies training, which enables staff to use their professional image like an invisible shield to protect against verbal abuse. Part of this is reinforcing the importance of the service our job provides, and what a valuable contribution it makes to our whole society.

Safety Strategies training has provided not only a detailed and effective tool for our employees, but has also excelled in the “after sales” component with dedicated resources always available to assist/support employees as well as management through operational issues that may arise. — Transit Australia Group

Calm under pressure

A major component of Safety Strategies training is the ability to identify early warning signs. Participants are taught how to work effectively with our natural survival instincts. Many people say that they just knew what to do in aggressive and challenging situations. This deep level of trust in one’s own ability to read the situation and respond appropriately allows customer service to operate at the highest level. Physical protection training builds a baseline foundation of confidence so that staff feel safe to apply a full range of defusing strategies, knowing that if things get out of hand, they can protect themselves.

In 2013, Safety Strategies will continue to work with transport, health, community and disability services, and enforcement personnel. Our team is honoured to work with such a diverse array of people, who are all contributing through their valuable work to making our world a better place.

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