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‘I was on holiday with my family in Paris. My Safety Strategies training has made me a lot more aware of what is going on around me.There were about six of us, adults and children, walking along the Champs Elysee, when I noticed that a large group of gypsies had surrounded us. They were walking behind and beside us in a potentially threatening formation.

I immediately told my group to straighten their backs, increase the length of their stride, swing their arms a bit more, and adopt a purposeful manner. Almost immediately, the surrounding group just melted away as subtly as they had appeared.

This simple but immediate change in our body language meant that we no longer looked like easy targets.’

Campbelltown Bus Depot Manager



“Thank you so much for such a brilliant workshop. You and Tim were really wonderful, patient, sensitive and motivating. It was a safe learning environment.”

CEO, Cat Protection Society

The year of the Water Dragon brings with it the qualities of power, confidence and wisdom. May we all share some of these qualities, especially when dealing with aggressive behaviour.

Dragons are considered to possess an innate aura that invites honour and respect, and the ability to be fearless in the face of challenge. We can all cultivate this kind of aura, regardless of the year in which we were born.

Positive body language

Positive body language is one of the most powerful factors in preventing and defusing assault.A variety of research projects have studied how attackers select their ‘victims’. They have discovered that it has nothing to do with size, gender and age.People with a positive confident ‘aura’ or energy were far less likely to be attacked. A major factor is posture – head up, back straight, shoulders open, looking around, and with large, relaxed movements.


As well as an underlying positive energy shown through our movements and facial expressions, a key factor in effective communication is matching. For example, smiling is one of the most effective greetings, yet is does not match situations like when someone tells you their mother is sick or they have lost their job. In these situations a ‘positive’ expression could mean a look of concern.

Unlimited responses

Because every person and situation is different, participants are taught to draw from a complete continuum of potential responses when dealing with aggressive behaviour. For example, a positive attitude could mean a friendly, smiling handshake, or at the other end of the positive scale, it could mean a firm, determined, loud “stop!”

Our learning environment

Everyone learns better when they feel relaxed and at ease. Safety Strategies aims to create a positive, welcoming learning atmosphere where each person can learn at their own pace.

Safety Strategies training services

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Refresher training

Karen Armstrong, Director | Principal InstructorMost participants request refresher training at a yearly or two yearly interval. One of our clients who runs annual refresher programs has reduced its assaults and workers compensation claims to zero.

In 2010, there was a total of 1089 claims for workplace violence in NSW, costing over $23 million.

Please feel free to contact me personally to discuss any aspect of your violence prevention training needs.


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