Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig

Commencing on 5th February 2019, the year of the Earth Pig represents the end of the 12 year cycle of animals in Chinese astrology. Thus it is a great opportunity to review the past years and build energy for the new cycle starting on 25th January 2020. The Pig symbolizes the birth of new forms, showing us how to enjoy all that is beautiful in life in an intelligent manner. As the Pig attracts success in all areas, the focus this year is on optimism, friendship and the joy of life.

A practical and effective method to deal with aggressive behaviour

When dealing with aggressive behaviour it is vital to be able to access practical, effective strategies immediately. Our training strengthens your ability to respond instinctively and confidently to any situation.

Training builds confidence

Survival is our deepest instinct, and our research shows that many people can access incredible power and clarity in threatening situations. Safety Strategies training has been refined over 20 years to produce a highly effective and complete skill set for peaceful and powerful communication.

As in first aid, we have a strategic method that guides all our responses. The Safety Strategies method is always in the order of:

Prevent, Avoid, Defuse, Defend

  • Prevention comes first, and involves forward planning – anything you can put in place before finding yourself at risk. Knowing where you are going, who will be there, making sure all your equipment is working, preparing strategies with your colleagues and team.
  • Avoiding means always having a safe exit strategy. It’s awareness of the physical space you are in, positioning yourself safely, using natural barriers and having room to move away.
  • Defusing is achieved by accessing a full range of communication skills – body language and verbal responses. Literally it means to remove the fuse from the bomb – speaking calmly, using open attentive facial expressions and gestures, and matching the person you are dealing with.
  • Defence is always our last resort. The Safety Strategies techniques are distilled from the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun to provide simple, effective responses that everyone can apply. The techniques are adapted with legal and professional guidelines so they are appropriate for all settings.

Ongoing research

Through teaching over 20,000 people in the past 23 years, we have developed a unique set of principles that allow flexible application. Every person and situation are different, so we encourage you to draw upon an unlimited range of responses. We would love to hear your experiences on how you have been applying Safety Strategies when dealing with aggressive behaviour.

Happy new year to all our existing and new clients. We are delighted to welcome Redbus, NSW Electoral Commission, Camden Council and Studio Artes.

What is your plan this year to protect your most valuable asset – the safety of your staff?
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