Year of the Rat

The Year of the Rat began on January 25 2020, marking the beginning of the lunisolar Chinese calendar, based on the phases of the moon and the sun’s longitude. The Rat is believed to be intelligent, creative and resourceful. In addition to the 12 animals, the Chinese Zodiac has five elements, and this year’s is metal, which symbolises stability and longevity.

Protect your most valuable asset

Personal safety is one of our deepest and most vital human needs. According to Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs, it comes second only to our most basic physiological needs — air, water, food and shelter.



Foundation elements of personal safety

Safety Strategies has combined research from criminology, psychology, philosophy and Wing Chun kung fu to create a unique body of knowledge on personal safety. The most important thing about our skills are that they work!

Valuable You

Valuable you – people who come through aggressive encounters safely value themselves highly, and put their safety first. They are prepared to do anything and everything to be safe.

Awareness – pay attention to everything that is going on around you as well as what is happening inside you.. People who get away safely trust their instincts.

Body language – Put on a positive, confident manner like a protective shield. Your inner sense of personal value creates an aura or energy, making you a ‘hard target’.

Happy new year to all our existing and new clients. We are delighted to welcome NSW Department of Industry, Sealink, Sunshine Coast Airport, Harbour City Ferries and EveryMan.

What is your plan this year to protect your most valuable asset – the safety of your staff?
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