Commencing on February 19th, 2015 is the year of the goat. In Chinese astrology, this peace-loving animal is considered serene, wise and compassionate. This year brings these important qualities of inner resilience combined with excellent defensive instincts. May we practice the goat’s sense of justice and kindness into our work and lives this year.


Courage is not an absence of fear, it means using the wisdom of the heart to act despite fear. From the Latin ‘cor’ and French ‘coeur’ meaning heart, courage is a powerful energy that springs directly from your heart.

We see many examples of courage, including the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. One of them who escaped was interviewed, saying “I was afraid . . . we ran into the bush.  . we ran and ran, and we were gone”.  Our hearts go out to support the girls who remain captured and the enormous courage they must need.

Refresher training

Courage is also needed on the local front by people we train who are dealing with  abuse and threats on a regular basis. One had a customer who punched the wall and said “next time it’s gunna be your face”, and another who said  “you better watch out for your kids on the crossings when I run over them”.

This client has engaged Safety Strategies since 2002 to design and deliver refresher training for 300 transport enforcement personnel. Their work is vital in keeping our roads and community safe.

As well as reducing assaults and injuries to an absolute minimum, our training builds the confidence and resilience needed to deal with this kind of intimidation.

We show you how to build a strong, flexible professional image that acts like a shield to protect you from verbal abuse. This also enables you to create a boundary to separate your personal and professional life.

Generating positivity

In our last newsletter, we briefly touched on mindfulness. The mind is a powerful tool that can easily roam into the past and the future. Gaining more control to keep the mind in the present is extremely useful especially when preparing for demanding activities.

The conscious ability to use the mind as a ‘witness’ has an almost magical effect of enabling you to make positive choices about how you prefer to think, speak, act and feel. This is very useful when dealing with aggressive behavior because it gives you clarity and self control. As a result, your ability to defuse and resolve these situations is greatly increased.

Once you notice how your mind works, you can train it. An aware and present mind has more capacity to generate positive emotions, including contentment, passion, joy and kindness. Many people draw from spiritual teachings to create an inner resource:

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, pure and lovely, whatever is excellent and praiseworthy – think about such things.

New program

We are launching a new program this year for conferences and workplaces: Decoding the Predatory Mind. This will show you five effective steps to create harmony and identify the warning signs to act early for prevention.



“I learnt the importance of putting safety first through prevention, teamwork, awareness, confidence and self protection.” ~ Transport Inspector

“Some staff had attended training like this many times before, and they said it was the best personal safety training they had ever attended.” ~ Community Services Manager

“We learnt how to remain in control, how to prevent, how to respond if prevention fails. Should be rolled out to all staff.” ~ Local Government Team Leader


“Karen, your dinner presentation with Tim was amazing! As well as covering the serious issues of personal safety and managing risk, the presentation was fun and energetic .…  you were very tuned in to the audience and clearly knew what you were talking about. Highly professional, informative and engaging.” ~ Conference Organiser, Connecting Rural Business Women


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