Wishing you a safe Christmas


In addition to holidays, relaxation and time with family, this special time of year brings an increase in aggressive incidents largely  due to greater consumption of alcohol. Our support goes out to all those frontline workers who will be working over the Christmas and New Year holidays, as they may be confronted by some individuals who lose self control and become violent.

At Safety Strategies, we are glad we have been able to train many of these staff  who work in customer service, transport, local government, health and community services, enabling them to be better equipped to handle such situations.

This year has seen many exciting new developments for Safety Strategies including:

  • Refresher training for hundreds of RMS inspectors who keep our roads safe by their vigilant work with heavy vehicle inspections
  • Training managers so they know how to support frontline workers who are dealing with aggressive behaviour
  • On-location training for local government staff including construction sites, kitchens, libraries, poolside, so they can do their job safely everywhere they go
  • Keynote speaking engagements at conferences and industry events.

Work with Karen and Safety Strategies to build  a safe, harmonious workplace environment.

In 2015, we will expand our focus beyond violence prevention to resolving all forms of predatory and threatening behaviour. The recent siege at Martin Place in Sydney reminds us that while we live in a peaceful, generous and tolerant country, there are random, unpredictable events that test our courage. Having the right skills to recognise and deal with such risks is the best form of protection employers can give their employees. Let us know if we can assist you in your staff development and support.

Thank you to all our valued clients and friends for the opportunity to help build awareness, confidence and self esteem.

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Karen and Tim

What is your plan this year to protect your most valuable asset – the safety of your staff?
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