Karen Armstrong training bus drivers in safety strategies

Effective training reduces assaults

I escaped serious injury directly due to several points I had learned from your training. (This Sydney driver was attacked to the head with a weapon)

Bus drivers provide one of the most important community services. Without public transport, society as we know it could not function. Bus drivers turn the wheels of our business, education and recreation systems. And yet, a small minority of the public put their safety at risk. Drivers face abuse and aggression on a daily basis from some of the passengers and road users they are dealing with.

The recent attack on a bus in Lane Cove is a reminder of the random and unpredictable violence that drivers and passengers encounter. And remember the recent road rage incident where a motorist attacked the bus with a shovel?

Drivers deserve the most effective training available to support them in their work.


With outstanding results in assault prevention for over 10,000 drivers, Safety Strategies training is recognized as ‘best practice’ in workplace health and safety.

Click here to view short training video.

Drivers from over 20 companies throughout NSW and QLD  have been shown specialised violence prevention techniques specifically designed for use in the bus cabin to prevent assault, including how to:

  • Identify early warning signs
  • Behave in a calm, confident professional manner
  • Defuse aggression with effective conflict resolution skills
  • Apply physical protection strategies within a legal and professional framework.

This simple, effective program enables the bus industry to fulfill the training requirements for driver safety mandated by WH&S legislation.

“Drivers have a right to feel safe and confident on the job”, said Instructor Karen Armstrong. “They are providing an essential transport service. Passengers also have a right to feel safe when travelling on buses, and Safety Strategies training creates a safe, secure transport environment for the whole community.”


What is your plan this year to protect your most valuable asset – the safety of your staff?
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